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Kathy Kaulbach has worked as a professional graphic designer for more than 25 years. Ten years ago she created Touchstone Design House; which provides design services to both large and small, public and private organizations. Nova Scotia Government, Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women, Cumberland Geological Association, Nimbus Publishing, and Scholastic are a few clients from over the years. With over 15 years of employment in the museum community, and as many years working in the publishing industry, her interest has always been the clear communication of information.

Kathy graduated from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design with her Bachelor of Design in Visual Communications, and in 2014 from Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU) with her Master of Arts in Education. These studies helped her develop an analytical approach that strengthens her work in information and educational projects.

The visual is a partner to the text

Visual images are powerful communicators that clarify meaning and add content. In addition to images, the visual look and feel (such as font choice and size, organization of headings, and use of white space) communicate messages that focus both the meaning and intention of text so that they do not conflict with your message. It is important to consider every aspect of the design, both textual and visual, when developing communication materials. Your information deserves this respect.

The first priority in all of Kathy’s work is to communicate your message to your audience. New projects and clients are a welcome adventure and an opportunity to help people visually communicate those messages that are most important to them.


Large publication projects that require detailed organization to keep them on track through inception to final product are Kathy’s specialty.


Sample of design projects:

The Spiral of Inquiry Playbook - developed by researchers Judy Halbert and Linda Kaser, this book offers a field-tested way to spark professional curiosity and inspire new learning and informed action. Responsibility: design

Parliamentary Democracy in Nova Scotia – a book that gives a quick tour of democracy in Nova Scotia from our founding peoples to the workings of today’s Legislative Assembly. Responsibilities: design, management of illustrative material, illustrations

Coal Age Galápagos – a book that journeys through time telling the story of the Joggins Fossil Cliffs . Responsibilities: design, illustration

OHV Riders Handbook – Nova Scotia handbook for off-highway vehicle riders. Also currently working on the Nova Scotia Drivers Handbook. Responsibilities: design, illustration

Guide for Girls – developed by the Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status of Women as a guide to explore life with information, games, and reflections. Responsibilities: design

As well, Kathy has illustrated a number of books, including children’s books under the name of HildaRose. Her whimsical style communicates clear messages that expand the textual content in these books and gives the reader an added visual story to read.

Kathy Kaulbach
Graphic Designer / Illustrator
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Kathy Kaulbach